Mura Experience Platform

The End of One-Size-Fits-None Experiences
for the Web, Mobile & Beyond

Relevant Experiences

Radically improve your effectiveness by providing the right experiences at the right times for all your key audiences.

Marketing Automation Integration

Close the Marketing Automation loop with experiences that deliver when email can't.

Content Marketing

A complete toolkit that provides everything you need to plan, create, track and measure your content-driven experiences.

Experience Testing

Creating relevant experiences for your audiences is imperative, but to improve, you need to know what's working—and what's not.


Three keys to more connected customer experiences and a more aligned technology and marketing agenda.

By Robert Rose, Senior Contributing Analyst, Digital Clarity Group;
Chief Strategy Officer, Content Marketing Institute

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Cards Against Humanity & Creating Content Experiences: (Un)Intelligent content?

Play Cards Against Humanity a few times, and you quickly find out that there are a few cards you can count on to get a reaction every time—and a few duds. Surprisingly, it shares an M.O. with what some are calling an integral part of Content Marketing’s future: Intelligent Content.

By Sean Schroeder
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Cards Against Humanity & Creating Content Experiences: Telling Your Story

In an age where relevance is not only desired, but expected, we can’t underestimate the value and opportunity this dance with the customer creates. What’s interesting and unexpected, is how this dance becomes a conversation in which your response begins to tell your own story, even while you learn your customer’s.

By Sean Schroeder
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