Mura Experience Platform

B2B Content Personalization Engine

Relevant Experiences

Radically improve your effectiveness by providing the right experiences at the right times for all your key audiences.

Marketing Automation Integration

Close the Marketing Automation loop with experiences that deliver when email can't.

Content Marketing

A complete toolkit that provides everything you need to plan, create, track and measure your content-driven experiences.

Buyer Journey Optimization

Creating relevant experiences for your audiences is imperative, but to improve, you need to know what's working—and what's not.

Best Practices for Creating a Strategic Content Plan

Whitepaper: Best Practices for Creating a Strategic Content Plan and How to Use it to Power Content Targeting

Get the most out of content targeting by developing and applying content using a buyer-centric strategy.

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From Our Blog

Three Pivots B2B Marketing Strategies Need to Create Compelling Experiences

The difference between a drive-by view and a meaningful engagement with your audience is based on the perceived value of the experience—by the audience. Unfortunately, customer experiences are often defined by the experience we want our customers to have, rather than those they expect and need to have with us.

By Ardath Albee
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3 Ways to Tap Creative Brands for Massive Inspiration

Our audiences don’t just want experiences from us as brands. They want creative experiences. They want us to surprise and delight them. But instead of doing just that, we marketers fall back and resort to the same old everything that we’ve always done, succumbing to all the reasons we hear about the ridiculousness of creativity.

By Carla Johnson
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