Channel Alignment

Nurture Beyond the Inbox with Content Personalization

Complete alignment of web and mobile content with your Marketing Automation-driven email nurturing streams.

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Eloqua and Pardot integrations are currently in development

The single biggest benefit of using Marketing Automation is the ability to deliver a contextualized email-based nurture stream to educate prospects and create customers.

But when your prospects come to your website, they’re back to one-size-fits-all content. Mura Experience Platform integrates completely with your marketing automation tool to provide seamless, consistent multi-channel content that helps turn leads to customers, and customers to advocates.

Mura Experience Platform's integration with marketing automation also saves you time by eliminating the need to build and post content and functionality in multiple systems.


…today, you need to think holistically about the entire experience you are designing for your customers.

Adam Kleinberg | Ad Age, December 2014

Present the right content, at the right time

When you use Marketing Automation, you spend a lot of time defining your users and the stages they pass through during the buying process. Mura Experience Platform’s integration with your Marketing Automation systems allows you to leverage this work and deliver web and mobile content that accelerates your users' path through the buying process.

Create and publish content assets once, not twice

Emails, landing pages and advertising all work to send leads to your website. So why manage your web assets in multiple places? Using Mura Experience Platform you avoid the need to post white papers, ebooks and other content assets in both your Marketing Automation system and your CMS. Plus, Mura Experience Platform has enterprise features for content collaboration, workflow and rights-management. All the benefits, none of the hassle.

A better solution for landing pages

Marketing Automation landing pages look great in demos, but they fall apart in real-world use. They frequently have poor mobile support, finicky templates, and an authoring environment that has none of the standard CMS features like workflow, versioning, collaboration and more. Plus, it’s just another web authoring system to learn.

Mura Experience Platform gives you the same benefits - rapid deployment, flexible authoring options, integrated forms - but with far better capabilities, robust mobile support, and a more intuitive authoring environment, along with built in collaboration features like flexible workflows, one-click version roll-back, and much more.

Taking the pain out of web forms

Many Marketing Automation systems tout their ability to create and edit forms. But just like landing pages, web forms created in Marketing Automation systems can be frustrating; they have poor mobile support, are difficult to modify the default design to match your corporate standards, and they can be almost impossible to extend or integrate with other systems.

Mura Marketing Edition solves all these problems–our drag & drop form editor allows you to quickly create forms that work great on every device, and that can be styled however your team wants. And via our integration capabilities, the data captured in Mura Marketing Edition forms goes straight into your MA tool, along with your CRM and any other systems you want to integrate. You can also do progressive profiling, customized forms tailored for each audience, and more.

Mura Experience Platform and Marketing Automation—
a perfect match

Okay, so your Marketing Automation System is not great at web publishing and content management. No surprise there.

But you know what? Marketing Automation Systems are smart. Real smart. Analytics, behavior tracking, lead scoring and conditional logic are fantastic and important. That’s why we let Marketing Automation be the brains of the operation, with Mura Experience Platform delivering the optimal web experiences for your visitors.