Content Personalization

"It’s not about individual pieces of content. It’s about the overall experience that we create for people and how we tie it all together.”

- Carla Johnson, Co-Author, Experiences: the 7th Era of Marketing

The Mura Experience Platform takes personalization to a whole new level — far beyond widget-based approaches — allowing you to control every aspect of the web and mobile experience for your users, making your website your best salesperson and customer service rep.

Traditional web personalization can be like trying to manage a million blades of grass - it's simply not scalable. With Mura Experience Platform, you get the tools you need, in an easier to manage, more holistic approach, while still providing unprecedented levels of control.


The new objective for marketing will be to evolve customers, from unaware all the way to a brand-subscribing advocate. And content-driven experiences will be the natural-selection process that moves the customer along.”

Robert Rose | Content Marketing Institute, December 2014

Journey-based narratives

The opportunity to have a conversation with buyers only exists if what you say is relevant and addresses their specific concerns. For example, developers and managers might both be interested in your product, but they have very different focuses, so your content should intelligently shift emphasis accordingly. Mura Experience Platform allows you to have the conversation you and your audience want to have.

A better approach to progressive-profiling

While there may be some basic information you'd like from all leads, there's no question that it's helpful to have different information from users with different roles. As with every other part of the web & mobile experience, Mura Experience Platform allows you to craft persona-driven forms, so you can collect the data you need. And of course, you can do it in stages via progressive profiling.

Dream it and do it

With Mura Experience Platform there's no end to the types of experiences you can create and this extends all the way to custom business logic and applications. When we say "if you can dream it, you can do it" we mean it.

Got data?

In addition to the critical need to align your users’ web experiences with where they are in their journey, Mura Experience Platform allows you to you to use any data point, from location to demographics to firmographics and more. Just define the rules, and MXP lets you use any API-accessible data to drive optimal web & mobile experiences.