Content Workflow

From planning, to publishing, to performance

If there's a single truth about modern marketing and lead nurturing, it's that it runs on content. No content, no nurturing. It's as simple as that. And to be effective you need not to just create a strategy, but follow it.

With Mura Experience Platform, you get tools that enable you to plan, create and track your content.


The new objective for marketing will be to evolve customers, from unaware all the way to a brand-subscribing advocate. And content-driven experiences will be the natural-selection process that moves the customer along.”

Robert Rose | Content Marketing Institute


Content Marketing needs a plan. From user personas and buyer journey stages, to a planning and publishing calendar, Mura Experience Platform helps you define your strategy and execute it—in the tool you use to actually publish your content. You'll not only have access to a summary of the types of content you create for each persona and stage, you can audit what already exists, determine if there are holes and what is, or isn't, working.

With the built-in publishing calendar you can see what's been published, and what's scheduled, as well as filter by type, assignment, category, and more. You can also add placeholders/milestones to help map out your strategy and plans, and even import external calendars to improve your workflow.


Because Mura Experience Platform is a complete publishing platform, you have access to a full compliment of content creation, collaboration and workflow features: drafts, versioning, content check-out, notifications for collaboration, track changes, permissions and approval chains.


With Mura Experience Platform, you can publish both to web & mobile with one-off ad hoc revisions or additions, scheduled, and robust sets of batch content (on the fly or scheduled). 


After creating great content, you'll want to amplify your efforts by broadcasting to your favorite channels. Mura Experience Platform is designed to integrate with your favorite social tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Feedly, Oktopost and more. Mura Experience Platform creates custom RSS feeds (including by persona and stage) for posting on your terms and for curation by influencers. Built-in integration with AddThis and ShareThis allow for easy on-site sharing.


With Mura Experience Platform Content Campaigns, you can publish sets of content and track them as a group, helping you keep track of content-pillars and derived assets for easy measurement of content performance by channel.

Need to update content and repurpose it at a later date? No problem. Mura Experience Platform's Content Campaigns allow you to track the updated versions so you can compare performance with the previous versions.


Content scoring metrics allow you to measure content performance across all of your owned content channels; primary sites, blogs, articles, landing pages, microsites. Measuring which content performs best for each persona and stage, lets you know which content (and types of content) attracts, engages, converts, or nurtures the best.

Most importantly, you can know which content is producing the best ROI by mapping their contribution to creating a new customer and the asociated dollar amount of each sale. 

In addition, you can get a pulse touch on how well your strategy for each persona and stage is working - Mura Experience Platform shows you how many leads are in each stage of the buyer journey and if the pace at which they're moving from stage to stage is is increasing or decreasing.