The Mura Experience Platform is designed create content experiences that extend the nurturing capabilites of Marketing Automation to all of your owned content properties, even if they're different platforms, hosted in different locations.

True Omni-Channel Publishing


You can use the Mura Experience Platform as the single point of truth and home of all of your sites, microsites, blogs, landing pages and more.


You can use the Mura Experience Platform to deliver relevant content to your existing CMS, blog,  microsites and landing pages.

Native + Remote

Using a combination of both the Native and Remote deployments you can gain the benefits of an agile system while working within the reality of having several web and/or mobile properties in multiple, disconnected places. An example of this would be using the Mura Experience Platform to publish a product site, topic-specific microsites, and landing pages while projecting content-driven experiences to your primary website, a partner portal and customer support community.



Get up and running quickly with our cloud-based infrastructure. Secure, scalable and robust, with the ability to rapidly add more resources, and even deploy in high-availablity configurations, our cloud hosting options give you a hassle-free and reliable hosting environment.



If you prefer to host your web applications in-house, Mura Experience Platform can live in any Java-based enviroment and supports multiple databases and operating systems. Easy to configure and deploy, Mura Experience Platform will install and run in just about any existing hosting environment.